Riding in Traffic

The Wairarapa has one of the lowest personal safety risks for cycling in the region and we want it to stay that way.  Check out our top tips for staying safe on your bike.

Riding in trafficRoad rules

Intersections and roundabouts can present particular challenges when riding a bike. The official New Zealand Code for Cyclists is a user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe riding practices, and has specific and clear guidelines for these situations.


Attending a training course or group ride are good ways to cover the rules and gain cycling confidence.

Contact Pedal Ready to find out about training opportunities and local cycle groups for group rides.

Safety tips

Staying safe is more than just knowing the road rules - check out our top tips:

No Surprises Policy

Riding a steady line past parked cars, pot holes or broken glass makes it easy for cars to give you a wide berth. You need a safety margin of 1 metre when passing parked cars to avoid being ‘doored’.

Be Safe Be Seen

Bright clothes during the day and reflective material at night make it much easier for motorists to see you. In bad weather, during twilight and in the hours of darkness bicycle lights are essential. Check out Greater Wellington’s lights test to find out which lights are best.

Avanti Plus also has a great bike lights guide to help you choose the right lights.

Bunch Riding

Sudden braking and swerving are common causes of crashes in bunches. Group rides work best when riders communicate hazards and rotate the lead rider smoothly. Riding two-abreast is legal (unless you are passing other vehicles or holding up traffic). Riding three-abreast is never legal.