About WaiBike

Rebecca JamiesonWai Bike was developed as a one stop shop for all things cycling in the Wairarapa by the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Our aim is to encourage and inspire locals and visitors to get around by bike for everyday trips, whether it’s biking to work and school, your local café s and shops or hitting the trails in the weekend.

Greater Wellington has a mandate to reduce car-use for short trips by promoting safe and active modes. We recognise that cycling for other purposes such as recreation also has benefits to the community and is often a pathway to gaining confidence and experience for commuter cycling.

With relatively flat terrain, favourable weather conditions, low traffic volumes and the lowest safety risk in the region, Wairarapa is ideal for cycling. Yet our cycling to work numbers continues to decline. For example - in the last 20 years cycling to work in Masterton has dropped from 11.5% to 3.4%.

The Wairarapa has had limited promotion of cycling as a transport option and has lacked local centralised information about all forms of cycling. GW plans to meet this need with Wai Bike and provide greater coordination of more local commuter cycling events and promotions.

Thank you to Green Jersey Cycles for use of their photos and Wairarapa Web Design for their fantastic work creating the Wai Bike website.

Parts of the website are still being added to, particularly the where to ride section. We welcome any additional information or feedback so please contact us or post on the Wai Bike Facebook page.

Rebecca Jamieson
Sustainable Transport Coordinator
Greater Wellington Regional Council
Ph: 06 826 1534